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What they're all saying...

zane forshee
guitar teacher

“This is a great opportunity for young people to get a chance to perform and to share what they’re doing in lessons with the public, which is one of the reasons why I was really supportive of this idea. It’s also a chance for young people to meet each other and understand that they’re not alone by themselves in this process of learning pieces, performing and gaining experience. This situation creates an opportunity for students to feel like they have a chance to play in a very receptive environment that’s both a concert yet a little less formal and the audience is also really happy to see young people sharing music with them.”

janice white

"CLEF has had an incredible impact on my children and their music. Playing music for others is excellent way for my children to make their music come alive and share their talents with the community.  It has given them a reason to practice more frequently and with more intensity because they want to perform their best for their audiences."

Frank s.
senior resident

“It’s a very nice form of entertainment for us, but especially for the children. It allows them to play before the public and overcome stage fright. We’re very glad to have the kids here. That’s one of the things that we lack here in the senior center, it’s kids! ”


“It feels great to know that I’m making other people happy and that other people are enjoying the musical things that I do.” 

Daniel pangaribuan

“It has been an amazing experience for both of our children to be able to start and participate in this project. CLEF has made it possible for our children to share their music and love at such young ages in a friendly environment, in front of the loveliest audience. We make it our priority for the children to serve others, and this has been the best possible way to do it for these past 3 years.

Senior Residents, volunteers and Teachers
Avery kramer

"Volunteering is a positive action because it is all about giving to others and wanting nothing in return. I also think the "thing" that volunteers give should be worthwhile information and/or action, such as playing music, painting schools, planting trees, etc. I share music because without music, the world as we know it would be completely unrecognizable. Birds wouldn't sing, movies would be boring, the list goes on and on. That's why I feel that spreading music through volunteer work is something that should be celebrated, and CLEF makes it easy for me to do that."


Patricia - Symphony Manor Living Resident

"We truly do appreciate all that you have to go through to please people like us." 

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