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CLEF was founded in October 2012 by Imbie Tamba, a mother of two young musicians; Noah (13yo) and Hannah (11yo). After calling around volunteer projects in Baltimore to find a place for her two children to participate, she found out that the minimum age for most kid-friendly volunteer activities was 8yo (hers were only 5 & 4 then). So she decided to start one for her children, for them to share their music to senior residents at nursing homes. Their first volunteer visits were joined by their friends from the group classes at Peabody Preparatory; Avery, Matthew, Oliver & Grace. 


With support from parents, teachers and communities, CLEF now has approximately 100 young volunteers who take lessons at various music institutions and from private teachers around Maryland. Some of the volunteers are also students at Baltimore School for The Arts. They currently have 7 nursing homes to serve. And these numbers are growing. 



For young musicians to have the opportunity to volunteer and impact their community by sharing their musical talent in an informal and friendly manner so as to encourage their enthusiasm to progress and their passion to serve others with their music. 



We envision a future generation that is kind, compassionate, and full of empathy for others.


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