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Level 1

Matthew K. - guitar/piano

I volunteer because: I love to play music and I like to do performances. It makes me feel really good to share my music with others.


Favorite Pieces/Songs: Asturias (Leyenda); Estudio II (L. Brower); Moorish Dance; Stairway to Heaven; Back in Black; Welcome to the Jungle.


Favorite Musicians/Bands: PUSH; Carrie and the Dirty Pillows; Beatles; ACDC; Led Zeppelin; Guns -n-Roses.


Favorite Books: Percy Jackson; The Heroes of Olympus; Lord of the Rings Trilogy; The Hobbit; The Thief Lord; Wrinkle in Time.


If I were given a chance to play my music to someone famous in person (dead or alive), that person would be: Robert Downey Jr.


If I were given a ticket to a concert anywhere in the world, I would love to see (along with the concert venue):  PUSH in Venice, Italy.





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