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Level 1

Noah P. - guitar

I volunteer because: I like to make people smile and happy.


Favorite Pieces/Songs: Etude; The Troubadour's Song; Ring of Fire; Photosynthesis; I Will Wait.


Favorite Musicians/Bands: Mumford & Sons; Foo Fighters; Carrie & The Dirty Pillows; Frank Turner.


Favorite Books: The Secret Garden; The Giving Tree; Tom Sawyer; Big Nate; Artemis Fowl; Dragonbreath.


If I were given a chance to play my music to someone famous in person (dead or alive), that person would be: My Grandpa (he's in heaven now).


If I were given a chance to go to a concert anywhere in the world, I would love to see (along with the concert venue): Foo Fighters in London.


Additional Info: I love to skate. I want to skate forever. I would like to play Sweet Child of Mine on my guitar when I skate. That would be awesome!

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